Thursday, June 6, 2013

***Special Issue***

Fan Reviews

Mandomojo77, Youtube

“Great sound I love the Gypsy JAzz excellent, I hope you don't mind I'm gonna share it on all my music channels”
Faseremo, Youtube

“ivan is one of my favorite guitar players.....”
Gadjoboy, Youtube

“These guys are EXCELLENT musicians!!”
Vicki Veldman, Youtube

“Me Like!”
Jarchitect, Youtube

“really like your mando players playing”
viehmeyerjazz, Youtube

“very nice
flavors of Reinhardt and Grisman in there- with a dash of count Basie”
Timothy Sweeny, Youtube

“Gentlemen.........excellent sound. Great music, production etc. sorta of a jazzy, bluesey, bluegrass sound. I love it, and will be getting your album when it comes out. Best of luck to you and will spead the word about your music.”
BigDennis56, Youtube

“ THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS! The sound is flawless and the playing is simply fantastic! Congratulations and best of luck on your Albums. The music and talent speaks for itself and the Album cover and pictures are exactly 'In Tune' with your music!”
Mslinda freeman, Youtube

“Loved your set at Djangofest York; great playing all around. Especially liked hearing Spain - and great to hear jazz mandolin too.”
David Stevenson, Facebook

“Shelby and his two sons were nothing short of phenominal”
Lou DePietro, Facebook

“Awesome show at the Hedgehog! We can't wait for your return!”
Mark Kurkowski, Facebook

“You Guys were stellar today at the Djangogypsyfest”
Ernie Pugliese, Facebook

“Great show at the Hedgehog guys!”
Daryl Jones, Facebook

“Very Nice!”
Sam Cunningham

“C'est magnifique!”
Jana Joafman Gard, Youtube

“Glad I joined the Mandolin Club, so I could hear music like this!”
Edro, Soundcloud

“Awesome!!!! :)”
Kim Leitner, Facebook

“always a pleasure to hear Ivan Play !!!!”
Scott Bookman, Facebook

“Love this!”
Patty Viers, Facebook

“You Guys are fantastic! Very tight”
Bruce Mateer, Facebook

“Hey Amigos...nice sound great”
Mackie Kathy, Facebook

Jeanie Simms York, Facebook

“This sounds gooooood!”
Mike Flood, Facebook

“I really enjoyed this!”
Kristen Bristsch Beal, Facebook

“I can just see a couple of dancers rocking around to this. Very nice.!”
Audrey Murray, Facebook

“great stuff”
Mitch Depew, Facebook

“Loved it”
Julie Sugg Pebbles, Facebook

“Great music!!”
Marshal Allen Bailey, Facebook

“It's amazing how such a small spark can cause a flame. I had never heard of y'all before this morning when I saw a post by Tom Ellis mentioning you. I checked it out and I'm your new biggest fan; just LOVE that music and you guys do it well.”
Time Wells, Facebook

“You guys have an unmistakable sound you should be proud of”
Brent Douglas, Facebook

“Nice job, guys!”
Bill Wagner, Facebook

“Good music.”
Mary Sue Wagner, Facebook